Restoration of Barn and Stable

This adaptive reuse project identifies aesthetics and originality of the historic farmstead located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian area. The entire monumental rural arrangement is listed to the national preservation program because of its unique appearance and shape. The neo-Gothic palace and park were established in the second half of the XIX century on a western side of the property. Historical buildings such as a granary, stable, and barn create a U-shaped courtyard on an opposite side of the land. Principal purposes are a restoration and evolution of the entire facility into the Equine Training Center. Spacious old buildings have brick walls with arches and masonry details and both are covered with gamble wooden roofs. The remaining elements such as walls and roofs require the partial reconstruction with traditional materials such as bricks, stones, ceramics, and timber. Extensive glazed surfaces will replace completely damaged parts of walls. Roofs will be covered with ceramic traditional red tiles. After the accomplishment of remodeling and renovation phases, the stable and barn will be adapted for new commercial multifunctional purposes.