Sports Hall Design, Sopot

The Sports Hall in Sopot was a major extension and refurbishment of the existing monumental school located in a seaside conservation area. This education facility established in the interwar period was honored for its unique modernist architecture. The scope of a design was to create a new sports venue as a part of an entire architectural form. For example, facades design was finished with red brick claddings corresponding with decorations of other elevations. The entire facility was modified to an up-to-date coverage of principles. Consequently, the indoor space including passageways, stairways, and entrances was revised to actual regulations of fire safety and evacuation and requirements for people with disabilities. This two-level multi-purpose Sports Hall includes 2 middle-size sports courts accessible for training in various sports disciplines such as handball, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, and gymnastics. After partial reconstruction, the former educational area was divided into administration, storage, and utility space, changing rooms, and a small-size gym. The building was equipped with two new elevators that are contemporary annexes.