Villa in Provence Design

The Villa in a Provencal style is a vast expansion of the existing modern dwelling house located in Cagnes-sur-Mer in southern France. Cagnes-sur-Mer, the largest suburb of Nice, is a beautiful monumental seaside area famous for its genuine architecture, historical appearance, and green spaces such as parks and forests. This single-family two-story building with a built-in garage is situated on a high hill with extraordinary panoramic views. The focal goal was to expand a volume of the building and create an architectural form harmonious with the local heritage. Specifically, the Villa has important components required in these specific climatic conditions such as large glazed windows, wooden shutters, and sheltered terraces. The house is finished with traditional materials. Walls are rendered in light white tones and a simple classical roof is covered with traditional French red tiles. A first floor has a conventional open-plan layout with a contemporary dining-living space and a kitchen annex. The house also contains bathrooms and bedrooms. Exterior stairs and terraces covered with natural stone and terracotta connect outdoor landscape with interiors.